Introducing ‘West of Hollywood’

Over the past 5 years I have developed an increasing love for world cinema. Having grown up on a diet of mainstream fare from both Hollywood and Pinewood (UK), I have always felt reluctant to break away from the comfort zone of English language films and become dependent on subtitles in order to make sense of the visuals on screen.  Then back in 2009, whilst on a work trip in France, I spent a good hour browsing the tv channels looking for something to help ease the night time boredom. Oddly, I settled on a French language film which featured a married couple under some form of surveillance from an unknown source. Whilst I didn’t understand the language, I found the tone of the film to be unique (when compared to anything I’d seen previously), the characters seemed real and the director appeared to be toying with the viewer ( which seemed interesting and new). I felt a little uneasy by the film, like an otherworldly sense of being dropped somewhere you formerly knew nothing about. I made a note of the film title, went onto Amazon and immediately purchased my first piece of world cinema. The film was Caché by Michael Haneke and it remains today as one of my favorite foreign language films.

Since then I have explored films from all over the world and am constantly amazed by the originality and richness they provide. The next step for me is to find a community with whom I can share thoughts, recommendations etc on all things that relate to world film.

As for the title; I figure that the whole world is west of hollywood – so it kinda works. :-). Anyway keep an eye out for postings, reviews and random thoughts and please feel free to leave comments.


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