Targeting the right film

Deciding which movie to watch has always been a struggle, of course this isn’t due to the lack of selection, VoD really has revolutionised home viewing after all, the issue in my case is actually quite the opposite – I find the choice overwhelming. But selecting a movie is made doubly hard by the fact that the film I select has to satisfy the particular mood that I am in. Understanding that mood is the hard part. Sometimes I’ll fancy something heartfelt, but with a light and amusing tone. Other times a drama or horror but without cliche. Too often films follow a formulaic pattern so to satisfy both a certain emotion whilst being unique enough to maintain interest really can limit the selection options. I think this a reason why world cinema holds such appeal. The cultural differences picked up on screen bring about something more alien to the movie viewing experience and so casts away that sense of familiarity whilst the lack of budget for CGI, exotic locations etc causes the filmmakers to rely on their canvas being enriched from a palette of original ideas and a deeper exploration of human emotions.

So whilst film selections remain a time absorbing nightmare (much to my Wife’s frustration), the deeper texture of films produced by independent studios means the gamble of just throwing on a film with the vaguest hint of what I’m after is actually a gamble that more often than not pays off.

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